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  • I noticed that this program, AutoTileGen ( just got Greenlit on Steam: ... =239448597

    It looks like any easy to use tileset creator with tools that blends images together and rounds the corners and such. There's also another map editor tool included called AutoTileSet that just got ported to Construct 2. Seems like a promising tool. Has anyone used this? Or by looking at it, does anyone have an opinion on how useful a tool it would be? There's a free version of it available.

    Also, it looks like there's an indiegogo campaign that's made its goal, but has a few days to go (link is on the Steam Greenlight page). Getting it through there looks like it gives a Steam key as well a regular version. I'm not sure if there are any other stretch goals to unlock there or any exclusive content, but it looks like you also get some Unity tools if you get it there, which might be attractive to some people.

  • I picked up a copy last week and it's an excellent time saver, the developer is also really good to deal with. I believe slopes may be implemented in further releases (it's still in beta) which will really make this thing powerful. One thing not apparent in the demo videos is that you can load your own images in there, you don't necessarily have to push pixels, so you can get everything polished up in you main image editor and then not have to worry about spending time on the fiddly technical bits like making all your tiles seamless.

  • This is really cool, and a big time saver, is also have a plugin for Construct 2, Unity and GameMaker, called AutoTileSet that auto places the right tile according to it's neighbor. It would be pretty awesome if that could be used with the TileMap object.

  • I am using the Pro version for about a week now. You can export your made up tile set to an image file and import it into "Tiled", save your work there and import the map into your C2 Project.

    A lot of nice possibilities

  • I am using the Pro version for about a week now. You can export your made up tile set to an image file and import it into "Tiled", save your work there and import the map into your C2 Project.

    A lot of nice possibilities

    Can you tell me what "Tiled" is?

    Sounds like you've found a way to create maps outside of C2? That would be amazing!

  • Ubivis so what about this

    "AutoTileSet makes placing them as easy as it gets and is compatible with Construct 2"

    plugin that comes with pro version?

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  • Downloaded the demo, and it didn't do squat, so its crapware as far as I'm concerned.

  • I downloaded the demo and I could not open files (as I have my documents on another drives other than C:), so I thought it might be the demo so I bought (yes I know.....) and no still same problem.

    Do you know how I can change drive? To D:, E: etc..

    If not: maybe help me find the contact to developer? I could not find any good contact address. Other than twitter which I do not use.

  • helena, actually you're right I can't seem to work out how to change drive either. I have autotilegen installed to F drive and all my image files are also on this drive and it works fine, but it's true I can't seem to switch to other drives - so I guess the solution for now is to install it to the drive where you're images are and it will work. I contacted the dev via indiegogo - just click on 'contact user' (you may need an indiegogo account to do this not sure, but it beats going on twitter).

  • Thank you for your reply.

    It is bad if you can't change drive. Good idea about moving the installation, however I have my files on two drives.

  • what if you make a shortcut folder from the other drive? Would that work?

  • There is a 50% off deal because of Ludum Dare... ... -50-promo/

  • Thanks RamPackWobble! Excuse the moths, I'm just getting my wallet out...

  • I'm with newt on this one,

    Poor documentation on tile orientation (insertion of blocks as well), drive change problems, ect. It look's appealing to block building for platform levels, which in my personal opinion, goes pretty smoothly by hand after some experience. No additional Asset management functionality that I saw, other than block placement.. (although, I admit I didn't spend much time with it after seeing that interface

    May be appealing for seamless block building and quick snapping of scene layouts, and seems very beginner friendly. I'd like to see where it grows in the future.

  • Hello everyone! I'm the developer of AutoTileGen. The current version of autotilegen fixes all those problems (you can now select a drive letter) and a lot of other bugs.

    It will be made available on Steam today.

    Here is a video showing it's current state (it seems I can't post URLs... just remove the spaces): www . youtube . com /watch?v=b0GCIBrYHpQ

    I hope you like it! I'll be around in case you have any more issues with the application

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