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  • Hi,

    I have made a super easy APK packer based on Intel crosswalk, which IMHO is the best native android experience at the moment.

    You can use it with any HTML.

    Basically, download it, put yout html (construct2 game, etc) into the folder named 'html5', then run 'go.bat' and it creates an android APK.

    I will be improving it in future - for now its the easiest way to build a native APK.



  • nice - awesome.

    I will try it out once I get back to crib.

    Please deliver something for ios.

  • Thanjks you rock. I've had troubles with the python script.


    he can't. Crosswalk Intel is just for Android at this time. If intel ever does Crosswalk for IOS then he can. Until this it's either CocoonJS or Ejecta

  • mrchay

    I was looking over your system. So I have a few questions.

    * Do I need Android SDK?

    * Do I need to download Crosswalk sdk?

    * Do I need the JDK

    * Does your program just use the the source apk rather than compile an entire program.

    * Does your system support Cordova(I need cordova for Ouya support)

    * Which version of chrome does this one use?

    * Are you awesome

  • Well. I did a test run, but the game just crashes out :|.

    I can say however this was super super easy.

    I think if there was a custom program.cfg which points to signing keys, name, icon reference and so it would be great. I love the fact that I don't need to upload my stuff to a cloud source. it's my big beef with XDK

  • thanks I make a try.

  • Ok peoples,

    I will test properly with construct 2 today.

    , good suggestions.

    I will do a config file where the name ad icon can be changed. To change the signing keys, you can just replace the key files in the key folder.

    In answer to your other questions:

    * Do I need Android SDK?

    No, not needed.

    * Do I need to download Crosswalk sdk?

    No, not needed.

    * Do I need the JDK

    No, not needed (but you do need java runtime - if you dont have it the script will try to make you download it)

    * Does your program just use the the source apk rather than compile an entire program.

    My program (well its just a script) takes a previously generated crosswalk APK (which I made with the Intel XDK), strips it down then inserts the ew html into it, before repacking it.

    * Does your system support Cordova(I need cordova for Ouya support)

    Yes it supports cordova. I'd be interested to know how you get on with that, I may need to do some tweaking but it wont be hard.

    * Which version of chrome does this one use?

    Its the latest build of crosswalk - whatever they use as per last friday.

    * Are you awesome

    not really. I was annoyed with the XDK stuff; on the face of it Intel are making a great gift to the community, until one realises that all of the work is already done by other open source projects, except for compiling nodejs for android - not difficult, but an annoying job and boring.

    It is naughty of intel to try to push people into a service model (cloud compile) on the ack of open source projects that they did not create IMHO.

    I think this way is prob even legit :-)

    I'll fix these little things today and post again

  • mrchay

    Can you make a tutorial (I think we can export any apk from intel SDK and work?) how can make the html5 folder.

    The Intel SDK are update today with new improvements.

    thanks very much

    (You dissamble the apk or only extract?)

  • mrchay

    I feel as if a tutorial is needed aswell,It would save alot of people time and save you from anwsering the same questions over and over.

    That Being said,I think you are on to something big here and i really want to use this tool.But please make a solid tutorial of whats needed and how to use.Awesome Job

  • mrchay

    I played around with various games. I found the only that worked was the the smallest one I had. None of the others worked. So i'm starting to play around with what could be causing the crashing out.

    After a few hours I found that the program crashes with the Audio plugin... that sorta sucks. But it's good to know what's not working. So critical though. Could it be the srcapk just doesn't support audio and thats why audio isn't working for me?

    Is audio working for anyone else using this build system?

  • hmmmm

    so I have some problem at the moment, it transpires that re-encoding the XML AndroidManifest.xml is non trivial without the whole android sdk so I need to dirty my hands with some java dev to create a quick packer for this purpose. until I do this it wont be possible to change the app name :-(

    It would be worth investigating audio from a HTML POV; I know that advanced audio functionality involving audio web api works very well, because that is the demo code I built first (realtime synth).

    But I do not know how standard <audio> tag assets behave and this is probably what construct 2 uses.... Perhaps construct 2 is being clever and detecting that the WebAudio api is available, but then some limitation of it on mobile prevents it working?

    i will try to look into this when I have more time - jayderyu, if you like I can make you an admin on the bitbucket project for it if you want to take it further...?

  • RookieDev and felix,

    there are some problems at the moment with the tool and c2 it seems right now!

    I try to iron these out before making a proper tutorial.

  • That's a good point. I'm not familiar with how C2 uses audio. I do know it does use the advanced WebAudio API. maybe how it defines it. I think C2 uses AJAX calls to get local downloaded audio assets rather than putting in <audio> tags.

    Personally I think your onto something awesome for an exporting. I think how your doing process is a better path. But your right it does have some hiccups.

    Thanks for the offer. But i'm terrible at working on project pages :| I often forget about them being cought up in my active projects. but I am interested in this working as it avoids the cloud service of XDK. Not that i'm saying anything really bad about Intel and the XDK. I just don't like the idea of having to upload 100mb+ for our PnC adventure game when the assets need to be updated.

  • So I hunted down some info. and here is my ADB logcat of errors.

    01-14 14:17:28.415: E/Trace(3804): error opening trace file: No such file or directory (2)

    01-14 14:17:28.855: E/dalvikvm(3804): Could not find class 'org.xwalk.runtime.extension.api.DisplayManagerJBMR1', referenced from method org.xwalk.runtime.extension.api.XWalkDisplayManager.getInstance

    01-14 14:17:28.865: E/XWalkExtensionManager(3804): Failed to read extensions-config.json

    ----- I think this is the one that breaks the program --------

    01-14 14:17:30.245: E/chromium(3804): [ERROR:audio_manager_base.cc(422)] Not implemented reached in virtual std::string media::AudioManagerBase::GetDefaultOutputDeviceID()


    01-14 14:17:30.285: A/libc(3804): Fatal signal 4 (SIGILL) at 0x5e390a8c (code=1), thread 3870 (om.xdkhtml5test)

    I've tried using other APKs to test with. But they all compile to a just the assets size and not the entire run environment with it :|

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  • mrchay This works great! Very easy with your instructions! :)

    It has the same issues as the current XDK Crosswalk export.

    1) Is there a way to get rid of the Android Status bar at the top of the screen?

    2) Is there a way to specify the screen orientation (ie locked vertical or horizontal). Right now, it rotates based on how you are holding the phone.

    Besides those, my game runs beautifully! Very similar to CocoonJS, without all the BS. This makes me very excited. Once the audio issues and the icon / app naming issues are solved (xmlmanifest), I think this is going to be the way to go for Android exports! Awesome work! And, thank you! :D

    P.S. I would be interested in Ouya support (which mostly means gamepad support). I have been having a hell of a time getting Ludei to fix their gamepad implementation, but they keep running me around in circles pointing the blame at other people. Annoying.

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