Anime Studio 11 is out!

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  • Looking really good. I love the new referencing options. I just updated it, and the new referencing and frame by frame features work really well. A bit of a game changer.

    Also FBX support - if only Construct would be able to import these as animated characters.

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    New features include:

    • frame by frame animation! (finally!)
    • layer referencing - including referencing objects in linked files. Great for team projects.
    • animated shape ordering, animated bone target, animated bone parenting
    • improved photoshop file import
    • tools and brushes improvements
    • show and hide animation channels (finally! I was waiting for this one!)
    • layer enhancements, such as group with selection layers.
    • "gradient mesh" type colour point tools for improved vector shape colouring

    And much more. You can find an exhaustive list, which includes tutorial videos, here:

  • I should try it

  • they dumped the linux version, so I dumped them.

    Its also not very good for frame by frame animation. I use tvpaint instead.

  • they dumped the linux version, so I dumped them.

    Its also not very good for frame by frame animation. I use tvpaint instead.

    ? You use Construct, do you not? Construct is Windows only as well.

    Frame by frame works quite well now in AS, although TVpaint and Anime Studio are very different animation apps, and can't really be compared - I see them more as complementary (the makers of "Song of the Sea" used both in their production for different segments and purposes).

    And you fail to mention that TVPaint for Linux is only available as the professional edition (1250 euro). Not exactly affordable.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to Krita's animation options - it should combine well with Anime Studio and Spriter.

  • Is there some (another) way to import animation from AS to C2? I tried png export but in the some cases, animations are too big.

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  • Loos like Smith Micro hired some real GUI designers this time. manga Studio 5.0 is a nightmare. I am constantly switching from my tablet to my mouse to use their over bloated interface.

    Maybe I will give up on Manga, and try this branch.

    The tablet sensitivity is really good. And they support lots of other devices other than just WACOM. With a Decent GUi like the Video showed, i bet it is a nice little application.

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