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Ready to use construct 3 game template and release to mobile divice.
  • Hello gamedev people

    Hope ou are doing great,

    I recently begun to sell assets, mainly gamekits, spritesheets and tilesets, with very cheap prices

    If you have some time, head for envato to see my creations

    feedbacks are welcome

    Here is the link to my folio:Have a good day


  • I tried tons of combinations but cant make your link work...

  • Hey Fassous,

    I just bought this on GraphicRiver (thanks to THIS post), very nice stuff in here! I've got some feedback for you:

    • I love having the PSDs and the way each sprite's animations are arranged in folders are awesome, but for us C2 users and the fact that C2 imports animation frame as either separate images or sprite strips, it would he AWESOME if you would have split-out each frame as separate 32-bit PNGs with transparency (like Kenney's free assets). I would have paid a few extra bucks to have that already done for me Furthermore, if someone doesn't have access to Photoshop they cannot use these assets at all.
    • I purchased the "Regular" license from Envato, does it really mean that I cannot charge money for anything I create using these assets? Does that include making a free and then generating ad revenue or having in-app purchases? I don't PLAN on making any money off of these assets, I just want to understand what my options are.

    Overall a really nice job, I can definitely see myself purchasing more of your assets down the road. Keep up the good work!

  • Hi stuntmanmikey,

    First of all, i wanted to thank you for interest in m y assets, really did appreciate your message,

    Concerning the C2 separate files, i can do that for you for free, Just point out the sprite you want to be separated , and i ll send you the Pngs

    About the license, well if you want to get revenue from the game you waill make, you have to buy the extended license, yet, if you just want to use them for personal projects, a regular license's enough,

    Hope i did answer your questions,

    You can add me on skype, or follow me on my twitter to be updated when gamepacks are released,

    Skype: protetcor-z


    Really did appreciate your message stunt, thank you again

  • Why don't you add them to the scirra store?

    By the way... really great art

  • thanks everade,

    I haven't the right to sell on other stores than the graphicriver one, as i'm an exclusive author,

    the scirra store's worth partnering with it?

  • Definitely! I got several game related items on graphicriver and scirra and have to tell you that I sell the double amount on scirra.

    I was very surprised honestly, but the shop is great for selling game items!

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  • thanks for the reply beaverlicious, i will definitly move in the scirra,

    and thanks for the purchase

  • fassous You may want to try 'Creative Market' as well, as apposed to graphicriver. Better rates and no exclusivity for max rate like Envato/Graphicriver does.

  • This collection looks very nice 8)

  • thanks for the tip face, problem is that i didn't find a gameassets category there, any hint ?

    jojoe thanks much jojoe, really do apprecaite your comment

  • Very nice will get one from you.


  • sadsack this is really motivating from you guys,

    btw, i can do personal stuff; gamekits, spritesheets and tileset, if you are ever in need

  • fassous

    thanks for the tip face, problem is that i didn't find a gameassets category there, any hint ?

    Perhaps this will help https://creativemarket.com/search?q=sprites The guys that run it are really nice. I bet if you contacted them and asked to add a game assets category they would add it. Not 100% but it's worth a shot.

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