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    2D GUI HUD Creator is now available

    2D GUI HUD Creator is an easy to use artwork tool that comes complete with a growing resource library of GUI and HUD artwork that you can use in the games you develop. Royalty FREE!

    2D GUI HUD Creator has been designed to be an easy to use artwork tool for game developers that have little or no artist skills, but would like to be creative and efficient in the creation of GUIs and HUDs for their games currently in development.

    Included; is a growing Artwork Library of resources to help you rapidly create prototypes of game GUIs and HUDs saving you valuable time and money, allowing you to concentrate on other areas of game development, and without the initial cost.

    Currently on offer: $29.99 (around ?18) instead of $49.99

    We plan on adding new artwork every week, for as long as there is demand for this product.


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