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  • Alright, so the official posting will be coming soon, but I am currently putting together a 4 month project for a relatively simple iOS and Android puzzle/adventure game that will make use of 4 simple touch gestures for controls, but will have a large amount of content in puzzles and also "boss fights". The details will be in the original post, but that is a basic summary. It will require a good amount of scripting events and things like that, but the basis model is pretty simple, and we'll be using C2 for the framework of it all.

    What I wanted to post this for, was to gather a bit of research about what programmers would be willing to work for with this project. There are certainly opportunities here. My 2 clients work on the marketing side in the triple A industry for a very big company. However, they are investing their personal funds into this project that I am heading up, and because they prefer to keep the budget tight, I have little to work with, but am doing this as my own opportunity to expand my resume also.

    Because of the size of the project and risks involved, I will be paying per milestone. The entire project will be done by a total team of 5 people, in phases over the course of the 4 months(i.e. only that role will be brought in and paid for when needed). I have no qualms about the paper experience of the candidates, just as long as they have good working examples and a hunger to get into the industry. This is a gateway opportunity that can lead to some very good references and recommendations in the industry. Keep your day job, as long as you make the milestones, you'll make a little extra money and gain a lot of experience for your own resume.

    Current pay is $500 for the alpha version of the game at the end of the first dev month, $700 for the beta at the end of the 3rd dev month, and $700 for the finished game at the end of the 4th dev month.

    With that said.. experienced programmers out there.. based on your personal experience and where you started, please let me know which figures you would go for in this sort of project. If the numbers above are too little or not. I know it's difficult without details, but any opinions are appreciated.

    Thank you for everything, and again, the official post will be up soon.

  • Without knowing the gameplay requirements in detail, I cannot say for certain. However, I do have some experience and I can tell you that one month alpha might be short of a timeframe. Of course, this depends on your definition of 'alpha', so it may be possible.

    I'm more concerned about the finished game in four months. I'm thinking you may need to add a few months onto that timeframe.

  • I'm interested. Here some stuff I've done:


    Ludum Dare Game

    Angel 7

    I think the payment is pretty good for something like that :)

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  • Thank you for the replies so far guys. I'm sorry about the lack of details, but the feedback has been valuable.


    In this case, the definition of the alpha would be placeholder or non-animated assets on a single map made to demonstrate the games mechanics in a simple but functional manner. Some assets will be created in the first 2 weeks of the game that may take the place of whatever is built into the alpha.

    I may have to consult some more, but the logic tells me that simple controls and AI will not make this a difficult project. I could be wrong, but again, I would have to consult some more. I appreciate the opinion though and will take that into consideration.

    tamngon and encrypted

    I've made note of you both and will contact you for screening and interviews once I make the official post here in about a week. Fun games, thanks for the replies!

  • Could any of you guys interested please send me an email with your work examples. I will be setting up interviews soon, and I do not have the rep to private message here just yet, since I am new to the forums.

    Email is -

    Thanks guys.

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