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  • A Little Bit about Us:

    Wild Rooster GFX is a freelance vector artist, who's goal is to make art affordable for everyone and still get the quality.

    Wild Rooster GFX Was Founded to give great rates to indie devs, including students and hobbyist to make their dream game affordable.

    Wild Rooster GFX Works Primarily with Vector Art, and does Character Design, Icons, Backgrounds and other Game Graphics a Dev may need!

    Why Choose Us:

    1. We keep Connected! meaning everyday we will get hold of our clients via skype, email or any other means necessary to keep our clients informed of what is going on.

    2. Changes are Free! A certain Colour or Object in a WRGFX image bugging you, do not hesitate to ask to change it the way you like.

    Also after the images have been bought, if you feel like a colour swap at anytime this maybe done for free also!

    3. We Care! As we do not program,there is nothing cooler than seeing our art working in your creations. We regular check in to see our clients games are going and offer to spread the word on their creations also

    ​ 4. Affordable Rates! We work on a project based rate so the client knows exactly what they are getting and for what price, no hidden hours amounting onto the work that you get stung with at the end!

    5. Easy payments! We accept paypal but we can invoice you so you do not even need a paypal account. Internet banking will pay to the paypal account

    Now some portfolio work

    Contact at wildroostergfx(at)gmail(dot)com

    Skype: wildroostergfx

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  • Bump

    Still looking for some Clients in the Mean time,

    Here is a Free Art Pack


  • Bump - Still some Spare Slot's available

    More Portfolio

  • Bump

    Just about Prices:

    I charge $11.50 NZD Per Hour

    Or For $150 NZD You will get 18 Hours instead of the 13 Hours for the Hour Rate (5 Free Hours)




  • Some More Sample Work

  • Bump 2 More Updates - Now Available for work on Projects over $50 Preferably

  • Bump, Contact me for great rates!

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