Why won't artists accept revenue-share/royalties?!

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  • Found this great post today that explains this mystery:

    http://alicebessoni.tumblr.com/post/117 ... -royalties


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  • I agree. It IS like getting a loan really. I mean, the people who want an artist to "believe" in their dreams, are basically asking an artist to do work for free. If those people really believe that their idea will be a success and will rake it in, then why not put their money where their mouth is..

  • I don't mind those kind of posts so much if they've actually put the work in and have something to show. So annoying when they're begging for help but have nothing to show.

  • Informative post! Thanks for sharing.

  • I Agree and i have been screwed on these deals constantly,

    It wastes my time,

    My business Goals Time,

    And its even worse because working over the internet,

    You have no chance of tracking this stuff down

  • and I guess that the vast bulk of mobile games earn ZERO, webgames are a bit better it seems. The apple and google stores (and increasingly windows) are so large that most apps will never be listed in the top100. so it's not really fair to ask someone to contribute work (coders, artists, etc) with the illusion of future payments when there is little.

    As someone else said.. put the effort in first.. show that you're credible, then you might get support.

    alternatively be honest, and say it's a learning experience for everyone involved, it's for a good cause, or it's just you and your friends.

    PS: I look around elance. the price of hiring a piece of work to be done is relatively low. if you can't afford that.. then you probably can't afford to be in the game.


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