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  • Hi Construct Community!

    We've got a surplus of new work and we're looking for more game dev hands to join our team to work with us on an exciting project. It's a small/medium sized web/browser based game in 2D, so an HTML framework such as Phaser or Construct would be used. We're happy for you to suggest which framework you'd prefer. You'll be working with a supplied game outline with all assets and art work provided.

    This is a remote working role but we're ideally looking for someone based in Australia that will be responsive during normal working hours, Sydney time.

    This is just one opportunity, with more in the pipeline. So get in contact if you have skills in Unity, 3D or VR too.


    • Professional experience developing games for browser based delivery.
    • Well honed JavaScript (or TypeScript) skills, ability to write clean code that can be maintained.
    • Ability to work with JSON data and integrate with a back end via AJAX through a supplied API.
    • Experience with a game framework such as Phaser/Construct, or other JavaScript based engine.
    • Experience delivering projects that work on desktop browsers but can scale down to display on mobile.
    • Ability to work with supplied assets and create functionality as specified in the game doc.
    • Australian-based.

    Reach out via email or through: codeandvisual.com.au/contact

  • Hello, don't hesitate to contact me via email: contact [at] odiusfly.com

    Thanks in advance,



  • Hi,

    I'm located in Sydney (not too far from your Head Office) and even if I don't fit 100% the role (for example I don't work with 3d), I am sure I can help you.

    I have already worked with other Australian companies developing games.

    You will not probably read these lines so I will contact you from your website.


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  • Hello,

    I'm game dev having an experience of more than 5 years and also have good experience in Unity and Construct framework and very excited to work with you on your project.

    Kindly reach me at norman1{at}talentsfromindia{dot}com or over skype, so that we can discuss in detail and can proceed it further.

    Skype: live:norman_2445



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