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  • I need someone to work with me to get my game on the Apple App Store. Phonegap or Appmobi should in theory work, but with Phonegap I have gotten on virtual mac osx and signed the software and the .ipa won't work when I sync my iPad. With Appmobi, I had a com.companyname.companyname.appname problem which prevented me from building. The game works fine when syncing through wi-fi on my iPad, I just need it built. I am about to give up. I have a registered Apple developer account.

    I am willing to pay $40 for a completed project.

  • Since december of 2012 (more or less) you're not able to upload any ipa file to the app store, now you must do from Xcode directly sync ( kind of "buy a mac"), virtualized environments don't work anymore i'm not sure about third-party store submitters.

    If you want, i can publish the game for you if meet the company requirements (must talk to the boss).

  • dgualdron

    What do you mean by virtualized environments don't work anymore ?

    Hackintosh or any VM wont work and wont be able to submit to AppStore ?

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  • Is what Apple say, we try it on a virtualized mountain lion and we could't register keys from Xcode organizer if you can make it work just share you're configs.

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