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  • Hi everyone, I am looking for someone who can help us to solve the issues in our project.

    What is expected:

    Ability to read existing code

    Has solid grip over programming

    Knows ins and outs of Construct 3

    Problem no.1 :- The project to work on Multiple Screen Size Devices (i.e. Iphone X, Ipad, & All IOS Devices & All size Android Devices)

    Problem no.2 :- Audio Issues, In my project when the player gets destroyed and when the game loads from the checkpoint, the audio data doesn't gets stored. To solve the audio issues

    If you can help us to solve the problem, you will be definitely paid through Paypal.

    PM me or mail me at :- guettabryan1rsw@gmail.com

    skype me at :- guettabryan1

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  • Hi Sangeeth,

    Hope you are doing good.

    I have checked the requirement and I can easily accomplish the mentioned task in minimum cost, You can add me on Sky–pe: gabrielonz@cisinlabs.com or inbox me at gabriel.cisin10onz@gmail.com

    I’ll be delighted to receive your reply mail!


    Gabriel A.

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