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  • Hello,

    I am looking for a partnership to help move my project along. I tend to work on it casually as I simply enjoy spending time on it. No experience is required as I have managed to get by on my amateur modeling, programming, and art skills. Ideally I hope to find at least one person who has the drive to create games but just needs a good project to work on. I have had many partners flake off in the past 8 years of my development life but recognize the value of collaborative production. I have a very solid and original concept with plenty of supporting documentation and content. The story is currently open but the lore is well established. if interested please PM me here or email me at

    Project Goal: To make a fun, high-replay value game that is playable in browser on pc and mobile devices while maintaining an air of originality and creativity to draw gamers in.

    Project Style: Isometric RPG with a distant resemblance to games such as Legend of Mana, Pokemon, and Golden Sun.

    General Duties:

    -Attending virtual bi-weekly meetings (flexible)

    -Generating any content even if only conceptual

    -Research (playing similar games to compare features)


    1. A passion for developing RPG games.

    2. Willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (I highly value my ideas).

    3. Open minded and open to giving/receiving constructive criticism.

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