Trying to form a thinktank for a card battle type game.

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  • I have a few little projects on the side but I want to start a main project with the skills I've learned over the last few months.

    I've been playing with the idea of a basic card battle game think (Hearthstone or Card Wars) and came up with a nice little concept but I'm struggling with opponent AI. I thought it would be cool to make it multilayer with C2's recent update but I'd like to nail down a single player campaign first.

    I'm looking for a few people that would like to team up and complete this project with me. Right now it's only a concept with some test files created to work on theories and animations.

    I can create a workspace/fileshare on my server and host recurring google hangouts to help collaboration.

    Just a thought, let's see if anyone wants to share ideas and create something awesome!

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  • Hello!

    I actually came here looking for a partner or two with a side-project that I've worked with for the past few months. The premise is a war boardgame with fantasy aspects to it, based somewhat off Stratego. I have the basic programming fleshed out, for the most part. I now need to adjust it to the new multiplayer plugin, get some artwork done (not my strong suit), and then go into final touches.

    However, just because I've started doesn't mean I'm not looking for concept ideas from others. If you currently aren't too attached to anything, and want to toss ideas around, email me at . Maybe we'll bridge our ideas together and can get working on something cool.

    I hope to hear from you.

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