Trying to create team for 2D pixel art stylish game.

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  • Hello everyone! I'm starting new project on working on project named Derek: Attack of black plague. Which is planned to be 2D top-down action/adventure shooter game. Game's enviourment set in outer space, where game protagonist is imprisoned on the planet which is prison itself. One day prison gets attacked by unknown force and the protagonist must stay alive and escape the planet.

    So maybe someone would like to join, at the moment I'm riding solo. So everyone is welcome on the team. At them moment I'm working on rough game concept and story, haven't done much, but enough to get started. Planning on using Construct 3 as a game engine, but can be changed if I get right people who can work on different engine and knows coding. Also pixel artist/animator wouldn't hurt. If interested you can write me on discord Pacanoks#3416 and I can drop what I have so far.

    Here is some mockups from different scenes what I have described in concept. Also you this is my capability on doing pixel art,so I'm sure there are artist who can do way better.

    Thanks in advance for considering this opportunity.

  • Hi, I would suggest you to specify what are you looking for exactly.

    Someone that work with you for free and then you share the (eventual) earning or someone that you are willing to pay for the job done.

  • Hi Pancanoks, have added you on discord, we can help out, happy to message you on discord privately.

  • the game already looks super interesting!

  • Thanks :)

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  • I'm up for it. discord: Klopity#7777

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