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    Im looking for some feedback, I really want to release some music but i gotta see if it gets any love. Check out my link above and let me know what you think. I made a few loops just to get started.

    I want to take requests just to test myself and see if i can create some stuff that is molded towards a persons needs. The first 5 comments that request a loop i will make one for you.

    Anymore beyond 5 and i cant say that i will get to it in a timely fashion but i will try to make stuff based on the request.

    The tracks will most likely be cc-by and all you have to do is credit me. I will post the finished track on OGA for everyone to enjoy.

    Im really just trying to get better while also showing support to other people that might not have the means to buy or get ahold of some decent game music or loops. Let me know what you think!

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  • Hey!

    Thank you for the amazing offer. If it still stands I would love to know if you can make an African loop. Maybe something with traditional-drums and a epic/ "tribal march" feel or whatever feels African.

    I love the stuff on your Soundcloud, epecially Inuyasha's Return Instrumental.

    Have an awesome day!


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