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  • dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/123274811/sharktest3/index.html

    I'm looking for someone skilled and trustworthy to take a look at my raw file for this game and tell me what is causing the frame-drop.

    As well as that, a browse over my events/objects and a little help optimizing... if it needs optimizing.

    Link above for people to play/test now.

    Arrow keys propel shark and turn him.


    Of course a few opinions now in this thread wouldn't go amiss :)

    Want to sort this out soon, to release full game for free within a month on Android store.

  • Bump.

    Over 100 have tried the demo so far, and yet no comments.

    Thanks guys <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • was I really just a shark eating my fellow humans?


    Looks great.

    about speed "As the link is an older version of the game, there is small bug with speed for shark." - if up arrow was to make faster then it didn't work at all - but this you said is older so probably fixed.

    I'm currently at work where it is running XP and stock graphics with 2 yr old drivers (work pc so can't update)

    that being said game was consistent speed throughout and the humans falling moved steadily and much quicker than shark. The mine also was quick and didn't look like had framedrop.

    can you say where frame drop happens? Like have you moved far on layout? Many humans?

    Do you have webGL enabled in settings?

    perhaps a screenshot of properties?


    I see you are looking for Android export. how?

  • I didn't really understand what was causing the slowdown, but it seems to be gone now.

    The sharks head, and the people had physics behavior on them, I removed that and also removed the seaweed at the rocks.

    Seemed to fix it :/ lol

    Great to know it's working on a PC like yours :) Thanks for trying it out for me and letting me know what you think.

    Webgl was on.


    I see you are looking for Android export. how?"

    I'm not quite sure I understand the question, could you rephrase.


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  • just was wondering how you are exporting to android

    like what service using since C2 doesn't have a native exporter yet

    Glad to hear that you figured out the issues :)

  • Discmach

    Use the debugger, it should help determine some reasons why there's slow-down. Personally I don't see any slowdown with my Acer (has 6gb of ram though). Seems to run pretty good. Its a cool and fun project. it reminds me of the app deathworm, but this time your a shark instead. :)

  • Thanks for feedback dude :)

    And yeah Deathworm was my inspiration for this game.

    Once shark is done and released, I'm going to do other marine animals like SQUIDS!

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