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  • Hi all,

    I have been using construct for a few months now and have finally settled on a design that is well under way. Problem is, I know nothing about the technical side of things. I really need some help organising the following:

    • Facebook integration
    • Kongregate integration
    • In-game purchases
    • Servers
    • Online multiplayer (turn based)

    I need someone who can help me decide which paths to take and what to watch out for, then I need someone who can implement all this stuff once it's been decided on.

    I can give you $50 for some good consultancy, then paid contract work to implement it (payment will depend on what exactly is needed, but will be a reasonable rate). I really need someone who knows what they are doing though, with previous experience doing at least some of the above.

    There will also be future work for other games if things go smoothly and you are interested (estimated 1 week paid work per month).

    Thanks for reading!

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