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  • Who am i ?

    Hey fellow Indies,

    my name is Sven i'm an artist which is specialized in character art but i can also offer assets in all form (for example: tiles, background or even full illustration) , normally i work in 2d but have also experience in 3d programs like zbrush and blender.

    Can also provide a full Construct2 license plus some kind or programming skills.

    Why am i doing this ?

    Want to start a indie company or team up with an existing team to becomce full time indie dev /artist.

    What should you bring with you ?

    Much dedication and a hardworking mindset which undetstands thta making games doesn't go along with playing games (except game testing).


    Still have various game design document ready to go

    Thanks for reading wish you all a creative week,

    Sven Schilling



    Work in progress Blog


  • Hi ! I'd be interested in team up! I'm the programmer type, pretty used to Construct. I have a C3 license for now, and I'd be glad to join and help on a project of yours.

  • Sound great sorry for replying that late had so much todo and literally no time to watch what happning on this forum. Just send me a pm what you are capable of or what you delivered so far.


    Sven Schilling

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  • Hi !

    Sorry, I didn't see your message until then either! In fact I thought about it, and I may have been a bit ambitious on the time I could give on a team project considering I don't have much time outside of my work. Plus, I had a humble project of my own for which I got my motivation back haha.

    So maybe I'll come back to you when things will slow down. :)


  • No problem , wish you all the best with your project.


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