[Team Request] Looking for a Pixel Artist to collaborate on a Project/Projects

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  • I'm looking for someone who would want to work with me on a Survival type 2.5D game (basically 2D Pixel Art in a 3D looking world like Don't Starve/The Escapists). I have already once created most of the mechanics including Inventory, Crafting, Crosshair customization etc. in C3. It's a fresh concept due to most Survival Games being 3D or 2D.

    I am a coder and can work in both C2/C3, though I always prefer working in C2. I'm not that good at pixel art, but am great at doing interfaces since I'm a web designer.

    The idea:

    • A survival game with depth like from the series The Walking Dead
    • Randomly generated Environments (like in Minecraft where every Tree is different, villages spawn at different locations...), Random AI looks (since it's low pixel art every AI can easily look different), -Zombie looks etc.
    • Character customization
    • Very hard game difficulty
    • Different Weapons & Tools, Mining surface ores and Crafting
    • AI Communities (+ability to create Communities) and random events in the world
    • Seasons, Winds, Snow, Rain, Storms, Diseases instead of just a Health bar
    • Sleep bar, Sanity bar, skills, zombie personalities & zombie evolving over time
    • Houses that you can explore and loot

    There's pretty much infinite possibilities. A lot of the systems I have already built before, they are generally pretty easy to do - struggled most with the art part tbh.

    I would also love to launch a survival game on Steam with someone during my lifetime, it has been a dream of mine for years now and would like to realize it :)

    My Discord: HolidayExplanation#5275

    Kind Regards ^ ^


  • No pay, just a fun collaboration & trying to get it on Steam where it might pay off

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  • I could help, but I have some questions I'd like to discuss in private. How can I contact you?

  • My Discord ID is in my initial post. My Discord: HolidayExplanation#5275

    That is, if you use Discord, but it's the only thing I use for communicating

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