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  • My name is Jesus Aristeo im from San Antonio Texas. but raised in mexico, sorry if i hace a bad English.

    In a couple of days I will be back to San Antonio. And I'm gonna start this project but I need a team to develop the project cuz I'm new on construct 2 but I learn fast and I'm very dedicated so I will help a lot, and I'm not a graphic designer, but that's not a big deal cuz I have almost all I need sprites and tiles, just need the hero sprites and the hero weapon icon.

    I have to say I want this to be freeware maybe we can put some ads but we will see

    The project name is still not confirmed yet, since I I have two options, but I will post both.

    First and maybe the main option.

    The hero of the Gorons.

    This will be a 16 bit A link to the past like game based on Darunia's ancestor the hero of the Gorons.

    There is no link in this story no Zelda and no Ganondorf, the time is before Ocarina of time.

    And I will give more details for the team.

    The second option.

    The heroes of Hyrule.

    This one is more complicated since here you will have to use 2 different heroes a Goron and a Zora something like majoras mask but no mask here. Some how Ganondorf find out how to defeat and trap link. Now Din and Nayru will help out a Goron and a Zora to found the power to save link and defeat Ganondorf.

    Thank you all very much for your time.

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