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  • Hi! We are a team of 3 ppl and have developed a runner for mobile devices. The first version of the game is almost ready to be launched, but we need someone more experienced with C2 for performance optimisation. We want to launch the game on GooglePlay on the 29th this month if it's possible. As a member of the team you will get 25% of any revenue just like everyone else. If you are interested and think you can help pls let me know in this post, by PM or email me: remus.brahasteanu@gmail.com

    Here is a video of the game:

    It's a bit laggy cuz my laptop can't handle recording....

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  • Hi Remus. What's your revenue model and income expectations?

  • We are thinking about ad's and also a gem shop, that are used to revive when hit. Of course any purchase of gems will remove the ad's. I'm not sure what to say about expectations, if it will run well on a majority of devices, I think it could make some nice revenue, but if performance is not optimized... probably not much. We also plan to release more modes after we launch, but we want to see this one run well first.

  • Thanks Remus. If you're looking to hire people based on a share of revenue you would do well to think through this aspect more clearly. Of course you might attract some people to your project as there's a lot of differing opinion about this (as you'll see in this discussion thread) but I've learned by hard experience not to get involved unless this element has been clearly thought through up front. So I'll pass on this one for now, but thanks for the opportunity to consider it.

  • I understand, thanks for considering the offer!

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