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  • This topic is for recruitment of development team members for a fantasy Chao RPG that me and a friend are developing. To apply for a position, PM me/Inf3rnal or see contact info below. Important note: My friend (Inf3rnal) is the lead developer and owner of the project. We are purely non-commercial, and are doing this for fun and because we enjoy game making.

    Basic Project Information

    Title: Chao Land (Chao adventure game)

    Game Engine/Language: Construct 2 (r90)/HTML5

    Game Type: Role playing game (single player)

    Estimated Release: 6/13/2012

    Short Feature List

    *Chao Based Features (Alignments, Chao evolution (class system), all Chao attributes (stats), items, etc)

    *Expansive Landscapes (From woodland forests to frozen tundras, and even molten caves)

    *Fruit Tree System (Growing trees, dropping fruits, and planting trees)

    *Weather System (Dynamic weather system that affects gameplay mechanics, with snow, rain, fog, thunderstorms, etc...)

    *Time Based Lighting System (Dynamic time system that affects the gameplay mechanics. It rotates from dawn, mid-day, dusk, and night-time)

    *Leveling System (Includes a overall level as well as skill levels like run, fly, power, swim, belly and stamina. The overall level is sometimes a 'key' required to access new areas.)

    Development Team

    Six development team slots open!

    Inf3rnal: Lead developer, lead concepts, lead graphic artist,

    LaDestitute: Development team, concepts team, graphics team, audio team

    LoganMS: Concepts team, graphics team


    Developer (Must have moderate to advanced experience with the Construct 2 engine, but experience with coding languages for web-apps and inter web-to-game apps is nice but not necessary. You must have C2 (r90 preferred), and a Construct 2 license. Our team (development team, audio team, graphics team, and concepts team) uses dropbox for sharing resources/development files and skype for team-wide (or for one team, such as development or audio) development conferences.)

    2D Pixel Artist (Must have intermediate to advanced pixel-art skills. Recommended programs are GIMP, or Preferably with Breeze Revolution and Chao style top-down perspective experience in spriting terrain, objects, and characters. The Breeze Revolution style uses a bright and colorful palette, but is minimal on detail except for large sprites.)

    Music Composer (Must have some knowledge of music structuring, theory, etc. Recommended programs are LMMS or FruityLoopsStudio. The style of the music is between whimsical with influences consisting of Yoko Shimura (Kingdom Hearts series, and the M&L series), Keiichi Suzuki (EarthBound/Mother series), and Yuka Tsujiyoko (Paper Mario series); intermediates consisting of Jun Senoue (Sonic series), Harry Mack (Spiral Knights), Ashif Hakik (Sly Cooper/Sly Raccoon series); and fantasy consisting of Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono and Xeno series), and Koichi Sugiyama of the Dragon Quest series)


    Old Screenshots (from previous engine, Netgore. No longer multi-player.)

    Chao Land Forums

    Expanded Information PageLaDestitute2012-06-06 10:13:01

  • Have you considered potential copyright issues you will encounter?

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  • Have you considered potential copyright issues you will encounter?

    Yes, but our efforts are completely non-commercial.

    Even then, I'm mostly sure SonicTeam/Sega is rather lax on their Chao trademark...I've never seen any cease and deceases for the trademark and their Chao trademark is seldom used (aside from the occasional cameo) in their Sonic games these days.

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