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  • Hi,

    I am in the middle of creating an app in Construct 2, or rather the programmer I have on board with me is.

    Due to a miscommunication, when it came time to start testing out the app on IOS, I was suddenly informed that in fact, contrary to what the Scirra homepage would seem to suggest, building IOS builds is not a straightforward or even a guaranteed process like with GMS, etc., and in fact even requires the purchase of a Mac computer.

    So now I am scrambling to find someone who might like to join the team to be in charge of making IOS builds.

    If I understand correctly, on our end we can make it as far as "generating a file to be used in XCode, a program similar to the SDK used with PhoneGap, but that only runs in Mac". I think this is from CocoonJS.

    Anyway, I would welcome someone who has a license and would want to work from the CAPX level or someone would only want to send back builds based on the aforementioned XCode file, but in any case if anyone who knows well the process of building IOS builds wants to help out, I can offer hopefully sufficient compensation for the time, and/or a percent all proceeds from the app store indefinitely assuming it works properly.

  • One option you might want to try is using a service such as

    You can "rent" a mac online for as little as $1 a day.

    You will still be required to have an ios developer license though to publish the app, (not 100% sure about debug versions though)

    Please post back if this ends up working well for you, i'm curious but haven't tried yet.

  • Here's the process for using cocoonjs and xcode incase you haven't seen it

  • Thanks.

    I did see that in a tutorial but I don't even come close to meeting the bandwidth requirements.

    And even if I [blech] bought a Mac that doesn't include the time it will take for me to learn the first thing about using a mac or about half the stuff on that page.

  • Depending on the complexity of the game, it is also likely to not function particularly well on ios...

  • But doesn't CocoonJS say that as long as it works in the Launcher App in it will work the same in both apk and ios?

  • still looking for someone to help you build your game for ios?

    if so PM me

  • And the Build service will give the exact same result as compiling whatever cocoon gives me myself?

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  • And the Build service will give the exact same result as compiling whatever cocoon gives me myself?

    The build service has a 10mb limit. Regardless, you will still have to use a mac and purchase an apple developer license. To those suggesting using macincloud, it is not a viable option as you need to connect a physical testing device to the computer. I have recently acquired a licence and am building my own iphone/ipad game atm, so I am qualified if you still need someone.

  • Thanks for the info Draspur. I have spent quite a bit of time getting a virtual mac working, and I do have my testing device of course, so I'm wary of throwing all that away, but I'm also not too keen on getting stuck again if you're right. The non-IOS release is going to happen in a matter of days, and then I want to try to get the Apple version asap.

    Of course, I can't really simply use your Apple account since you'd get any money made from the app. And you might not want my app to tarnish your channel or whatever. But if there is a reasonable way to go about it I might still be interested (apparently I can't initiate PMs btw)

  • Agh this is so frustrating.

    I can't PM or even reply to PMs unless I just do random stuff on the site like a pidgeon until a number gets high enough?

    Any of the people who PM'd me or anyone interested please PM me with your e-mail address I suppose.

    The non-IOS versions of the app in question are out by the way:

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