Team members needed for unique new Action RPG project

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  • Hello all,

    I'm starting to develop a top-down style sci-fi action RPG with a unique premise: every game is completely randomized! Enemies, side quests, loot, levels, everything. I'm new to Construct 3 and I am looking for a lead programmer for the project. It can be a limited pay position (with the caveat that I am not wealthy or funded by anything except myself) or rev-share type thing (ideally).

    A bit about me: I've been an indie game designer and programmer for over 20 years, owning 3 indie game companies and releasing a total of 18 indie games for sale through Steam and 2 other publishers. I am not a fly-by-night person who will get bored and move on after a few months, leaving you with nothing for your time and effort. My company on Steam is SimProse Studios.

    I think it would be easier and quicker to hire a good programmer to do this and get it moving. I wish to hire an animator and/or graphic designer with the same arrangement once the bones of the game are in and working ok.

    The person or team should be at least somewhat experienced with making an RPG or related game on Construct 2 or 3 (I plan on using 3). The game will go onto Steam when completed. I think this one has the potential to be huge if it is finished properly.

    You can contact me here or at my email: or on Skype too.



  • Hi simprose,

    Hope you are doing well.

    I am interested. Please connect me here or add me on Skype: cis.am4 so that we can discuss further.

    Looking forward for your response.



  • Still looking for someone to get me started with this. Thanks!

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  • Now i've gotten a bit more started (main menu and basic options menu done), so I would like to change this to have someone available for advice or how to proceed if I get stuck. Willing to pay by the hour or "incident" if desired.

    EMail: or Skype too: derekd412



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