The team is looking for a sponsor (from Russia)

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  • Hello. My name is Alexey, but for simplicity, you can call me Alex. I am from Russia, like other members of my team. We used to work for Construct 2, but due to the difficulties of porting projects to the APK, we have to look for people willing to help.

    We want to switch to Construct 3. But we cannot afford it due to the economic situation in my country. Perhaps you know that in Russia $ 500 is a decent salary and people are ready for everything for that kind of money. Alas, in our country a good position can be taken only if you are a friend of the chief.

    We are ordinary people, and our profit does not exceed $ 150 per person. Sometimes they give 200, but this is an exception.

    Let's get down to business. We need a person who will assume the cost of purchasing a license Construct 3. More we do not need. We have a good experience and we know our business. As a representative, I want to introduce you to my team.

    Alex (Alexey) - me. Narrative designer and marketer. (The brain of the team).

    Max (Maxim) - Our programmer, we studied at the same university and this is a very creative and intelligent guy. But since we live in Russia, it will not get into Google :(

    Den (Denis) - Programmer, responsible for the server part and our site. (We did not pay for hosting).

    Masha - Artist animator. Very talented and fun girl. I do not know people who would take their work more seriously, while maintaining their cheerful nature.

    Now we are working on three projects. The first one is a fluorine RPG platformer with a good storyline but strictly with a rating of R. The second light arcade game - while Masha draws sprites for the main project, we give ourselves the freedom to relax a little. And the third one is another platformer, already an online shooter for iOS and Android.

    What will you get?

    We have little to offer now. And I see that there are a lot of serious people on the forum. So, I can offer a share of all our games released on Construct 3.

    For us, this is a serious startup. Especially in Russia. It is difficult, it is expensive, but we are ready for any difficulties. Thanks for attention.

    P.S. In English, we can only write code and swear. Sorry for such a translation. : 3 Love you.


  • You could try and get funding from kickstarter or something similar. You are asking for $500 but you didn't post any links to any of the games in development. It would be nice to see them. Also does your title mean you are looking for a sponsor from Russia or just that you guys are from Russia?

  • Hi Alex,

    How can i contact you?

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  • I suppose the title means that these fellows are from Russia and looking for a sponsor from any country.

    $500 it's not big money, so I wish you to find it really fast.

  • How can i contact you?

    josh317 = skype

  • What is your email, skype, website, etc?

    Did you find help? I can help.

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