Team For Hire Complete Mobile Side Scrolling Game to Specs. Job comes with Pre made Assets

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  • Hello I am Joseph Rines Gaskin from Gaskin Design Studios.

    Join Gaskin Design Studios in creating the start of the Nephilim game series. I am looking for a team of game designers who can finish my game project to given specifications. I am looking for the total package, I need you/your team to be able implement in-game transactions, I need you/team to be able to fixed bugs that would arise from using physics and different animation frames, level creation/generation (HUGE ONE) to name a few.

    Thing I need to know:

    please provide a portfolio (if you have one)

    information about your team members (how many there are, specialties, experience)

    price to complete project.

    information you need to know:

    I want to have a MVP by April 1st 2021.

    I am working on Construct 2,

    I have a good amount of the assets needed already,

    I have some core mechanics already designed and implemented,

    I am a programmer and have been working with construct 2 for years so I can help with debugging,

    This game is going on both the Android and Apple market

    My contact information is reply to me their or here. I will make my decision December 30th



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