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  • I am a 14 year old from Lithuania. There are no types of schools of making games there(If you dont believe it you can check). And i recently got an idea of making one game( i call it GRAPO because of the 3 first letters of gravity and 2 first letters of portal).I wanted to make a mega man style game with portals just like from mari0 and gravity mechanics from VVVVVVV.i have made the art assets for the game sendspace.com/file/i1a86c . And tryed prototyping this idea (by the way its my first time making a game). But i ran into problem like frame rate going down, not knowing how to make enemys smart, how to make my character rotate 180 deggres and more. So i am kindly asking if someone can teach me the basics making a responsive platform game.

  • For a rotary platform game you can check out in the "examples" folder shipped with your installation of Construct2 for the file "Rotating platformer.capx".

    You can also check out the uReddit thread of the live classes Yann and I gave a few month ago, all videos and capx are still available to teach you all the basics you need to make a platform game (and some basics of game making in general).

  • thanks ill try then. ok

  • if you need help just ask me my dad (who you see) helped me along and i'd like to help someone who is young and starting up too <img src="smileys/smiley23.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Ok then. Do you know how to make a portal gun or make gravity switch on command?

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  • And how do i add a second player or more?

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