Sprite Artists & Animators wanted for Fighting Game Project

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  • Heyo:

    GreatDragon AD here. I currently work for a group called Open Palm Productions in which they are working on a 2D fighting game as their first project. The project is called Project ARC. Here's our facebook page.

    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Open-Pal ... 1426165772

    Its been some time since our last update we plan to do update it soon plus we have a new website on the works. Basically, this game will have graphics similar to Guilty Gear or Blazblue with some game mechanics that are like the games mentioned and Marvel vs Capcom. This project have been on the works for 6 months now. The game engine is done from the ground up done by our hard working programmers. We have 64 characters in which most of them are in the concept phase but we plan to use only 20 for the full game and 5 for the demo. Basically, we're at the halfway point of the project but we still have a long way to go. Not just that, this project have a lot of potential. One of the reasons why is because a well known indie studio called Heavycat Studios found out about it and wanted to help us on the project. But we denied them for now as this is our first project and we wanted to finish this on our own first.

    We have a good group going but we are in need of more animators and sprite artists. Animators will animate actions for the game then give their works to the sprite artists and use that as reference so they can work on them into pixel form. Sprite artists are the most we want right now since we need to have our first two playable characters done so we can start showing gameplay Once we have some gameplay, we use that to make our promo video and start running our kickstarter campaign to help us earn our funds to help cover production costs and hire more professional work. Work varies depending on what you can offer but we try not to give too much since we are considerate of our staff's personal life. We give you a small project and let you take your time on it. No hurry, we want to make sure we be patient on making the game so it will come out perfect with no lack of quality functionality. All we ask is inform us with an update once a week, even if if you've done little or no work at all.

    The work is not paid until we start our Kickstarter to earn our funds but anyone who took part on the project will earn shares from the profits once the game is done and start selling. If unpaid work is an issue then please wait for our kickstarter and if it succeeds we will hire you for your work. Let me inform you that this group is composed of fighting game enthusiasts. Even if they are artists, animators, and programmers alike, they are aware that the work is not paid and that they are doing this out of the kindness of their hearts. Its shows that they have so much faith in this project and confident enough that it will succeed once its done. If you are interested please contact me here, email or Skype:

    Email/Skype: greatdragonad@hotmail.com

    Gmail: greatdragonad@gmail.com

    I would greatly appreciate for taking the time in reading this and showing consideration in our project. From a fighting game fan to another and to all you talented artists out there, thank you very much.

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