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  • The game/template I want made is very similar to

    ... youtube.com/watch

    producermark11 spell game

    Please see my job posting at:


    or go to

    Freelancer dot com at Freelancer just search:

    Construct 2

    Developer to Make this game using Construct 2

    So good Knowledge of Construct 2 is a MUST.

    I really only need a few words made, say 10 words and I will build from there.

    I am looking to pay someone to create specific game... more of a template actually made using CONSTRUCT 2 from Scirra.

    I would like brief notes in the event sheets explaining what is happening please,

    I really only need a few words made, say 10 words and I will build from there.


    Details of the game are:

    1. I would like a random variable added so the student has different 'praise' words when they have completed the task.

    2. Settings Layout so the player can choose between what is played when a tile /letter is pressed either , letter name / phonics.

    3. Also a setting so the player can choose a blank tile or a tile showing the letter slightly shaded.

    4. Title Layout

    5. would like in game to have 2 characters on opposite sides of the layout / and a time limit / if player completes word within the time allotted = players character will throw water (or something) at opponent / but if player doesn't complete in alloted time the opponent will throw water at players character.

    6. Lives Variable

    7. Points Variable

    8. Landscape View.


    1. Names to have uppercase first letter - ( of course )

    2. Points or Health drop for wrongly placed letter/ with 'wrong' sound played

    3. Player must place letters left to right

    4. Randomly placed wrong letters placed in lower half - to make a bit more challenging.

    5. No particles / as that seems to slow HTML5 games down too much

    6. Praise to have 5 or 6 sounds that will random selected by game / same with wrong sounds = 5 or 6 sounds that will be randomly selected by game.

    I will provide all art and sound files.

    Questions / please PM me.

    Thanks for looking.


    This is an Educational Game for a school ....please be kind on your bid. tight budget . NOT for commercial purposes.

  • Well, I've done a lot of similar games, this is a link in the game I did:


    But there is a small problem that I'm not good at english, so what you said in the video I do not understand. If you can send me the words to write the file to your needs and illustrations, I will be more easily understood.

    Because of the difference in the dollar exchange rate and VN�, so my price will not be high.

    Contact me if you want.



    skype: design.phuochuynh

  • I am happy to have you try to build the game.

    Can you understand what is described about the game above?

    Did you watch the video at youtube?


  • Still looking for some help on this please....

  • Hmm, Source code of the game is not hard, I just need you to send me the words file and illustrations (if possible) to do the games for your request.

    Games that I introduced to you is one I made for my partner. I do not have much time to make a new game to introduce to you.

    Have you read the content I wrote in last time?

    Contact me if you want.



    skype: design.phuochuynh

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  • Ok, I will email you directly

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