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  • Hi,

    Alright, I'm in the means of creating a Space Shooting - Environment type game that requires a graphic artist to design the Sprites, Background including the Welcome Screen.

    I'd also like to include a C2 builder to help create the game with myself, The three of us will be contacting by email and hopefully get everything rolling.

    Yes, after were done creating this game which shouldn't take an entire lifetime, if any of us have anymore ideas we could produce them and start selling online.


    * Welcome Screen (Graphic Artist)

    * Sprites (Graphic Artist)

    * Music/Sounds (Not Required) Already Have Them, From Scirra Store.

    Game Name: Joystick

    * 5 Levels (To Start Off)

    * 1 Boss (To Start Off)

    * Player (Single-player)

    * 5 Types of Enemies

    Movements: Keyboard Layout

    * Arrow Keys (Left, Right, Up and Down)

    * Shooting (Z Key)

    * Gas - Move Forward/Backwards (X Key)

    The, game is simple and won't require an entity trying to create it, if you wish to volunteer you're time to help create and finalize the game in order to publish it through the available stores below.

    Google Play - Android Store

    Chrome Web Store

    More, will arrive in the years but for now I'm only publishing it to these stores. Yes, I do realize that most will ask what about profit? What's in it for me? Well how about helping a community member create a wonderful game and share the profit, at an equal rate.

    I, just want a Yes or No and if you're interested provide you're email address by PM.

    Thanks, for your time.

  • Well , Yes ... But What will be your game concept ? I need more infos

    Like will it be 8 bits .. thinks Like dat !

  • Hi,

    WhiteClaws! Thanks for replying can you be more specifique on what information you need?

    I, do want to point out if I haven't already it's completely up to you and everyone else, that I'm still learning C2 and Scirra Ltd.

    Some, terms you may have to explain them sorry for the incovienence.

    Thanks, again

  • Well ... The Graphic Style , The Game Mechanics ( Level-up , Awesome Rpg Style Combat , Dat Stuff ) ...

    Need to be more precise !

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  • One thing that may help you to recruit an artist is having a list of assets you plan to have in the game that will need art work done for it. Also, having a rough estimating of pixel size the art should be will help unless you plan on re-sizing the work yourself, jeopardizing pixel quality and potentially messing up collision borders.

    These are some core elements to game design and leading a team as a producer.

    If you need art for placeholders check out the resource forum as there are usually links to free resources you can use in your first game design.

  • Alright, Thanks for the replies ?sometricRobot you're right, I've already found another graphic artist to help out with everything.

    Thanks, for the feedback, aswell for the optional C2 developer at the moment I don't need one anymore sorry for the inconvience.

    Thank, you WhiteClaws! For you're interest, ?sometricRobot thanks for the feedback.

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