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72 high-quality sound effects of space ambience sounds and dark ambient soundscapes.
  • !! Important - do not PM me, since I still have not enough reputation on this forum, so I couldn't answer you. Please, write me on e-mail !!

    Hi everybody!

    I’m a Sound Designer / Music Composer working since 2011 and have been creating audio for a lot of exciting projects: Battlerite, War Thunder, Insomnia and a lot of mobile and indie titles. I'm desperately searching for a new projects and ready to jump onto something new!

    • High quality Sound Effects designed with the industry-standart tools
    • Custom composed Music (any type)
    • Implementation help (Fmod, Wwise, Unity, UE4)
    • Nice indie-oriented prices

    Please watch my showreel on portfolio-site and send me a letter to peterozx@headshotlab.com to start conversation about audio in your project.

    You’re always warmly welcome!

  • Recently finished a few music tracks (see on my site), available for work!

  • Happy to say that 8-bit arcade Jump Kid is released on iOS! I was responsible for all music and SFX, please check my site (headshotlab-dot-com) for full music score. Looking for more work!

  • New kids game for iOS (Dots 4 Tots) released with my music, listen it on my site. Available for work!

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  • My latest stock audio works (maybe someone need it):

    • Cure Spells - audiojungle.net/item/cure-spells/15239116
    • Werewolf Voice Pack - audiojungle.net/item/werewolf-voice-pack/14290741
  • Check out my Light Saber sound design work - soundcloud.com/headshotlab/energy-blade

    This was done for Divergence: Online project - store.steampowered.com/app/422940/

    Available for work!

  • Done some nice retro jazz tracks for Insomnia ingame radio, check them here: soundcloud.com/headshotlab/sets/insomnia-radio

  • Check one of the latest project that I was working on - Block'hood (search Steam). Very cool game, done sound content for all building blocks (>90 items).

  • can you tell us whats the price is for a single track? of course depend how much time/instruments/complexity, but its more for having an idea, for and indie price.

  • can you tell us whats the price is for a single track? of course depend how much time/instruments/complexity, but its more for having an idea, for and indie price.

    Hello, I'm afraid of posting prices here, because I feel they will change in future. Not like super change, but will differ then I charge right now. So this information could mislead and ruin the expectations from working with me. I will be happy to send you today's prices via e-mail, it is not a problem.

    Meantime here is one of my latest music works - old-school military rock inspired by "Apocalypse Now" movie and early Tool works: soundcloud.com/headshotlab/helicopter-gunner

  • The hugest mobile project that I've been working on so far (>400 sfx, 15 music tracks) - Sandbox Evolution!

    Links (please add https:// before address in your browser):

    • iOS: itunes.apple.com/app/sandbox-evolution-craft-2d/id944393180
    • Android: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pixowl.tsb2
    • Soundtrack: soundcloud.com/headshotlab/sets/sandbox-evolution

    Game received nice feedback and still gets awesome updates! Check it out!

  • Hey everyone, I'm getting back to freelance, looking for projects! IN the meantime here is my latest demo-reel with 3 big projects that I've beenworking on: youtu.be/jK-Tm2wCFlc

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