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  • Hello everybody,

    My name is Lucas Mengual, I'm an Audio Engineer & Game Sound Designer based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I also do music compositions from electronic spaceship Sci-Fi to orchestral Battle themes.

    Experienced with game�s middlewares & softwares, such as: FMOD, UNITY, Cocos2D, GameSalad, etc.

    This are some of my audio services and specialities:

    * Sound design for audiovisual media (linear and non-linear)

    * Audio recording (music, voiceovers, foley, sound effects)

    * Music Production/Composition

    * Sound editing and mixing

    * MIDI skills

    * Audio Software Supports: Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic Pro, FMOD, Unity, GameSalad, Wwise

    * Interactive Audio Implementation

    Here�s my personal website: &



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  • Awesome!! I was just searching for someone to handle sounds for this project.

    I Am actually making a sandbox game like Terraria but similar to Growtopia in scale.

    I was wondering how much you charge for Backround music similar to Terraria.

    Do you charge by the track? or by soundtracks?

    Also how much do you charge for soundeffects for simple things like Player Death and Mob Sounds?

  • Hello; sorry if you feel this is slightly misplaced but I was wanting to offer our audio services to your ongoing developments and felt this was a good place to 'reach-out' to you! Forte Sounds is a Music Composition & Sound Design studio of 13 years experience in the games & multimedia industries. We have created music & sounds for over 250 titles for iOS, Android, Flash, MMO titles and works for AAA major release on PS, Xbox & PC. All our work is carried out to the highest AAA grade standards in Forte Sounds bespoke recording studio in the UK.

    As well as bringing a large amount of experience, quality and exacting standards we also bring the benefits of being full time audio production professionals meaning that we can turnaround to very tight deadlines and also are always on hand to communicate any ideas, discussing throughout your project ensuring a fast & smooth delivery.

    Past examples of work can be heard on the following links, including our most recent work; for your review.

    Thanks for your time and please do get in touch with any demo requests or questions/comments.

    All the best

    Lucy -

  • RookieDev just got your PM but can't reply here yet :( I'd love to chat a little about your project and to see if we can help in anyway. If poss can you fire me an email at ?



  • Hi RookieDev,

    I just saw your post reply. I was on vacation last couple of weeks, and the totally forgot about this message.

    I hope its still not a problem for starting up your project. Here�s my email by the way (, so we can exchange info, and if you got other projects coming up, just give me hit through there.



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