Could someone volunteer to test my trial actions?

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  • I made an app for windows 8 and added some trial actions. I was wondering if someone was willing to download the trial version of my app and tell me if its working accordingly. PM me for more information about my app and the trial features. Thanks scirra community!!

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  • Give me more info, I got a WP8 but i'm unsure what you wish.

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  • [attachment=0:oxohtvlj][/attachment:oxohtvlj]@Je Fawk

    Give me more info, I got a WP8 but i'm unsure what you wish.

    I was hoping you could download the trial version of my app, Creepers Go Boom, and see if all the trial features work. Basically I want you to test it for me and then inform me of the results so I can make changes. When you open the trial version and try to click a level it should look like the first picture. You also should only be able to open the grasslands level and no others. After your trial expires, the game screen should look like picture two and you should not be able to exit that screen and continue playing. Thank you very much!

  • To be honest I wouldn't install such a game, let alone buy it. The game has no purpose, the AI is basic, no collision, almost no animations, the boom is odd as nothing explodes.

    Enough about my personal opinion.

    I managed to open up every level. The first 2 "unlocked" ones i opened them up even twice.

    I do not know when my trial expires.

    You have some problems, I'll highlight a few:

    1. the menu cannot be accessed unless you die

    2. the joystick activates car (?) movement while WASD has 8 directions, it should be the same

    3. no error message when i try to buy a skin, no output whatsoever which makes me think i'm clicking an image

    4. the maps are higher resolution than the sprites which makes them look like they're levitating quite high

    Hope I didn't disappoint you with my critics.

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