{SOLVED}[$50+]Screenshot at high resolution (C3 Plugin or C3 eventsheet)

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  • Hey there!

    I have some cash for you :)

    I want a plugin or C3 event sheet that I can easily screenshot at high resolutions (Like 1242 x 2688).


    - Must be high image quality (lossless)

    - Include all objects AND TEXT in the given area.

    - Be easy to change between resolution sizes.

    - Works in C3 (C3 runtime preferred, but not required)

    The output download MUST BE the EXACT RESOLUTION.

    Payment: $50, or make offer.



    PS: I've tried both the canvas (wrong resolution) and paster plugin (text glitches).

    But if someone out there knows how to fix it properly, the $50 is yours.

  • Hello,

    If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact me via email: contactiia@odiusfly.com

    Thanks in advance,



  • I have since solved this problem myself. For a quick run down for other people looking to do the same thing, here's how I did it.

    1. Use canvas to transfer text from text object to a sprite (other wise paster will ruin the text)

    2. Transfer from sprite to paster (Make sure to use some "wait 1 second" between the time you transfer to when you load it to the sprite, then to paster)

    3. Take the screenshot with paster, download it with "invoke download" in the browser object.

  • Hello,


    I can assist you.

    Please Reach to me at Email or at Skype

    Email :- carter(At)cisinlabs.com

    Awaiting your Response

    Very Best Regards

    Carter W

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  • Sorry Carter, like my reply mentioned, I was able to figure it out using a few plugins combined

    Thanks for offering your help!


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