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  • Dear friends

    I need someone to develope an application ( game ) in construct 2:

    below I can point some features I need in this game.

    Basicaly, the game is a grid with 30 , 35 frames ( lets call, cards! ) and player will click over each "card" and cards will review a hidden image.( particle ( sparks ) will make the trasition for the card revealed ) when image is revealed, a sound is played. Sound must be diferent depending on the image revealed. Some cards reveal winnings and some cards reveal losses. This is the very basics of the game.

    There are some feature below that will compose the game in order to give a more attractive apeal to players .

    0 - Login - Account/password

    1 - open screen ( logo - title )

    2 - xp progress bar - Very simple bar based in a number of right cards player chooses . Everytime he chooses the right card , the level step up . When bar is full, game unlock new level.

    3 - Simple unlock levels - unlock based on finished games and winnings .

    4 - credits counter ( wins and losses ) (ps- this is no real money game ) Also very basic - everytime player hits the right card, he wins a certain amount.

    5 - sounds

    6 - Special level - After a certain number of levels( ex :10 ) a special level will appear and this one only can be unlocked in a preseted time. I mean, special levels that will only be unlocked after a certain amount of hours. The idea is this special level to be unlock after 24 hours. Possible ?

    7 - every card must be associated to an specific sound.

    8- When I say it will be a grid with 30 / 35 cards, it doesnt mean there will be 30 / 35 diferent cards. There will be only 2, 3, cards in the grid that will be replicated in order to player make choices for the right images.

    Most importante feature :

    Player must be able to choose at the very begin of the game the images he will wants to see during the game. Ex : at the initial page , there will be 10 icons to be displayed on the 30 / 35 cards. Player can decide to choose the ones he wants to see,( not necessarly all 10 images ). It means he can choose,2 , 5 , 7, 8 ... icones, depending os his needs. This is a very importante feature for the game play .

    • All must be possible to be costumizable ( change images and sounds must be a simple task . )

    I hope this could be enought for you guys to have an idea of what I need .

    I can provide a specif document with all detailed information for the suitable guy .

    Budjet U$ 1.000,00

    Hope to hear from you soon .


  • Hi Bob.

    When you say "Login - Account/password", I assume you're looking to associate game data with a login so that a player can save their game data, and resume their game at a later time. If so, are you expecting to save the data locally to the device the game is played on, or are you expecting to save the data to an online database so the player can resume their game on any internet connected device? Both are possible, but saving data to an online database is trickier.

    Also, I'd be interested in seeing the document with detailed information. Some of my relevant projects:

    Paint Share - A simple paint program with a login system. All images in the program are images created by other users. If you log in, you can share an image of your own.

    Triad - An online multiplayer card game.

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  • willing to do 1-5

    pm send

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