Skilled 2d/3d artist, will work for low pay

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  • My name is Matthew Lyles Hornbostel, I'm a versatile artist based in the United States and I'm open to freelance gigs at this time. Will work for under $4/hour (exact terms negotiable, could be as little as $1.50/hour) on the game development project of whoever will hire me... my current skill set includes proficiency in traditional art media (pencil, pastel, paint, miniatures, etc) as well as skill in digital 2d art with Photoshop, and competence in video editing, compositing (in After Effects) and 3d art/animation with Lightwave/Blender. I have graduated from the University of Houston with Phi Kappa Phi honors and a degree in Communications/Media Production and a minor in Studio Art.

    I have (as of a few months ago) landed a limited part-time job and am looking to supplement that with a few hours/week of other freelance work for the next few months. If you have use for a 2d/3d artist, you can PM me and we can discuss your project.

    Many of my ongoing personal creative projects are showcased on or the assorted websites connected to it, though that site is in the middle of a messy reorganization at this time and a lot of what I've developed is not viewable there at the moment. I have dozens of past art projects still to upload there, as well as a bunch of ongoing efforts that will be posted in the coming months.

  • Can you please pm me your contact details? I am not able to send PMs due to low Post count

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