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  • I need a very simple text to speech program that is able to correlate sound files from text. The program must be able to have an adjustable speed in which it is read as well as an adjustable delay between each character.

    Each character will play one sound, in all there will be something around 40 characters. 26 letters of the alphabet, 10 numbers, and a few others for punctuation. I am planning to create my own sound files.

    Of course it would need a play and stop button as well as an area to write the text. Thanks guys let me know if you have any questions.

  • You mean of course that you want this made for you?

    Um......Cough'Heil Hitler'Cough

    Maybe it can be done easy..

    From what you said it sounds as if you want to use non voice just random gibberish sounds for SFX when the Character talks based on what Text is in their text box yah?

    It sounds like you already have it all planned out...Why not built it yourself and Upload it free for the rest of us? Then we would think you are a HERO!!!!!

    I mean I'd be happy to help out if I wasnt so busy myself..

    But can offer some help if you send more info..or at least a Structure outline of the software app you wish to create....

    It can be done...If you can shoot some primitive assets(like SFX and more description) to me we could get on to long as you are prepared to share the final capx with everyone id be in on it....was needing one for my game anyway...

    More information please...

    For starters to make it we would need to fabricate some sort of Text parser....Get a Loop to check over the input text and play sounds based on each letter found but it has to be timed with proper Inflection etc...

    I mean I know they exist ..used many professional ones..(DragonSpeech is one of the best I know ) but to get it sounding anywhere near realistic you need years of work...Gibberish version not so hard....

  • If you download Construct Classic it has a Text to Speech plugin included.

    Using it's "Speak text" action you can make it say whatever you want.

    Here is a reference of advanced things you can make it do:

    You can then record it to a sound file with a program such as Audacity:

  • mystazsea I will be in touch thanks!

    R0J0hound Thanks for the links.

  • After re-reading your initial question you may also be able to use a mod tracker to do it.

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  • Does anyone know of a text to speech plugin for construct 2?

  • If anyone happens to stumble upon this thread, there is an official plugin (UserMedia plugin) which supports this on a limited number of devices, some iOS7 devices and also Chrome Canary.

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