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  • Hi,

    [Announcement valid 4 - 9 September only]

    I'm looking for an experienced C2 developer to assist with development of a series of mini-games for a scientific institution. The games are for speech understanding therapy (mainly). We need to speed up the project, and so we are considering requesting some help with developing the following kinds of mini-games:

    • "Simon Says" game
    • Find differences between two images
    • interactive labirytnth.

    The project is in Polish, and so I'd prefer to find a local developer from Poland ;-) but I'll be ok with an English-speaking one, too.

    All graphics is ready. Project structure is well defined, and so the developer(s) will be asked to fit into the structure (layer names, key function calls, etc), so that we can easily integrate the mini-games they prepare into the whole project.

    Games will be run on touch-operated Win8 tablets, and so they are to be exported to NodeWebkit.

    Sample screenshots attached. If you are interested, available to start asap, and you have a *programming* experience (so that you're not scared of loops, creating objects on the fly etc), please contact me at gk[at]

    Thank you,


    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

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  • looks great would be thrilled to help

    does 18 usd or 59 zloty an hour sound fine

    willing to negotiate

  • Hi sosensible

    Thanks for your reply. I'll PM you with further info.



  • so whats up

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