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    I will sell these to you for starting bid at $14, these domains

    I already research the words, and they are pretty good domains.

    Send me your offers privately if you want. They will be gone in a few

    days, get them while you can. 1 of a kind.

  • I added 6 more domain up for catch.

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  • Do you even have copy rights on these game or are you trying to rip people off

  • That is a good question, are you the legal holder of these domains? If so I might be interested in a few months. Then again, the decent ones are .co, which ultimately doesn't matter anymore except for personal choice. Are any of the domains attached to developed websites?

  • Buying generic domain names to overcharge them later on? Lame.

  • It's not illegal. It's called cybersquating. It sucks, it's a lowly style of making money. That's my opinion anyways. However, he does have under internet policies to let go of a domain when he wants. At a fee if he wants :|

  • ... They will be gone in a few days, get them while you can. ...eah??? Don't seem to be taken by anyone else yet - nearly 3 months later.

  • Also not a good idea to take a .co name (unless you're Colombian <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />) - too much chance of being mistaken for .com and have all your traffic end up on the equivalent .com site.

  • The .co is not .com but I think they made it were it is not Colombian and used like .com. A few of them are gone, but I still have like 6-7 left, It can go in a week or two. I'm not ripping anyone off, it will be cheap like $15-$20 for one.

  • Yes I'm the legal holder, and no these domains are just registered to me and you can develop them with these keywords. Very cheap, no more than $30 for one and I will probably hand them to you for $20

  • Actually I don't think that is legal. If there is no legal front, there are no income declaration, no tax, and no liability in the transaction. One could "run away" with the payment, without giving access.

  • I would not run away, because you can pay half, than when i finish the transfer pay the other half. I'm sure there is a way, I'm located in the United States so hopefully that adds some credibility. I also have others way to if you want to talk on skype or whatever I can assist in making it so that things are safe.

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