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  • Hello fellow Constructors,

    I am seeking a tutor to gide me via Skype through the process of pushing my game from Construct to Apple and Google Play. I have tested the game by exporting to XDK and building for Android devices and it seems to work well. I have yet to test with IOS devices. I have both a licence with Apple and the Google Play developer console.

    The following is a list of what I need done:

    • Setting full screen advertisement between levels. How to AdMob for Android and iAd for IOS?
    • Setting In App Purchase (Merchant account with Google Play and ITunes). I have one consumable (multiple purchases) item and one non-consumable (purchased once).
    • Setting 'Score share on Facebook'
    • Setting 'share on Twitter'

    Looking forward to hearing from you : )

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  • Hey bud, Send me an email at and i can help you out.

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