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  • Hello, my name is Arakev and I have over 6 years of experience in game making. I have been thinking of this project for a few months now.

    I'm looking for an artist or maybe 2, a writer, a marketing expert, level designers and an AI programmer. The artist(s) should be good at creating pixel art as this game will have pixel graphics.

    I will not pay you any salary but I think we could scrape off great money out of this.

    Pm me if you are interested, I will share more information with you later.

  • Hi Arakev,

    Hope you are doing good!

    I am interested in working over your project, as I have skill-set you need.

    Can we have a Sky-pe Chat, My S-kype is cis.am1 or you can ema-ail me at steven (at ) cisinlabs (dot) com

    I am waiting for your reply.

    Best Regards,


  • Based on our discussion on call today, I am not sure that you are really looking for the project to be developed or not.

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  • Hello Arakev, I can be the writer for your game and help you with the level design a litle bit.

    Send me an e- mail if you are interested:

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