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  • I have devised an exceedingly simple concept for a "game" that needs development and programming. It is likely so simple that even I could do it, but I'm so bad at coding that it would take me at least a year and possibly my life to achieve. I'd rather not be dead.

    So, I need someone who is already familiar with the requisite concepts and can whip up a demo in a week or so. I'm not kidding when I say that the concept is simple. I'd be pleased to discuss details with whomever is interested and can illustrate ability.

    Terms are simple. You will get 10% of all revenue from the game, to be sold at $0.99, for the first year. You'll also get full dev credits. Unfortunately, we cannot pay in advance, but if selected you'll see that this won't take up much of your time.

    As for you, we need someone who has a sense of humor, can take direction, isn't over protective of their work, and is, above all, responsive. The sooner we can get this rolling, the sooner we can make this puppy go.

  • Can you give some more details?

  • I can tell you that it's a simple 2D setup, involves almost no animation, and will be for 2-6 or 2-12 players depending on whether it is on a phone or tablet. If I explain more, I'll give it away and since it's such a simple concept, it will get snapped up in no time.

  • Well, selling does not come without marketing, do you have marketing skills ?

  • I'm a professional writer, so I have some experience with marketing and copywriting. I'm familiar with all of the social networks and have tools I can use to maintain exposure pressure. I've also got friends whom I can enlist in pushing the game. While I won't count on the game to sell itself, it should at least speak eloquently in social gatherings

    Another consideration is a Kickstarter campaign. With a game demo and a good video coupled to a low target for funding (we could hire an artist to work on static assets for the game's release version as well as any other incidentals, such as marketing.

  • It doesn't sound like you currently have any assets already, what would we be working with?

  • I've sat here for a while trying to figure out a way to describe it without giving it away. I'm afraid I can't do that. Rest assured that no assets are necessary to play and that each player will have a defined field. However, there's no reason why even the most simple game can't look nice, and there's room for a large number of graphical assets that could be pulled from randomly. Let's just say it would be the player's in game avatar.

    Anyway, the game will work perfectly with or without attractive assets.

  • first of all, input if the players would be 1 device?

    I can understand no upfront payment... But do I understand correctly that only the first year is 10%?

    Also, I'm unsure if code created with c2 can be sold without a c2 liscense... (A mod answer about this?)

    How can you be sure it will only take a week?

    Justin / ~Ant

  • Yes. All player input would be on a single device. In consideration that most capacitive panels are only capable of 10-touches sensed at one time, that would likely be the limit for players instead of 12. A max of six on phones just because they are much smaller than tablets.

    Payout for work would be 10% of revenues for the first year (12 consecutive months) the game is in each store which would be considered paid in full. Of course, there's room for negotiation

    Cost of the C2 license would be handled in some fashion, but is definitely a given. Scirra works hard to make their app. They deserve to be compensated.

    How can I be sure? If you opt in, you'll see what I mean. For now, you'll just have to take my word for it. Let's just say that this is about the simplest game you will ever see. So simple, there are no rules to gameplay.

  • I would love working with you, but I would like to have a lifetime %...

    As well as a clear written email once amount is decided so we are both protected from project creep and price change...

    Anything else we need to discuss before moving forward? We should also move to private messages...

    Looking forward to working with you!

    Justin \~Ant

  • I don't buy this whole thread. You said...."the simplest game you will ever see"...Haha, with Construct 2 you can make that yourself in like 5 minutes then. Take care.

  • I understand your skepticism, but I've often found this trait in programmers who simply cannot conceive of a person who cannot learn to code. I assure you, I am a lummox and all thumbs when it comes to producing code of any kind outside of HTML and CSS, which isn't really even coding.

    Truth be told, I likely could learn to use C2 enough to produce the game. The problem arises from the fact that I am slow. It would take months for me to figure it out when a seasoned C2 coder could whip it up in no time. This is why I seek the help and offer the percentage.

    You are welcome to your opinion, though. Thanks

  • Just to point out that if your games involves online stuff it's not an easy game. Online game coding is harsh.

    Also 10% revenue share is way too low considering the programmer does all the work.

    But I wish you luck.

    PS: Don"t get attached to the idea too much, idea is nothing. Execution is everything.

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  • The game doesn't involve anything online.

    Let's say it's a huge hit and sells 1,000,000 copies at $1.99 in its first year. That's $2m gross, nets a good chunk less, probably leaving around $1.7m. Since the 10% is taken from gross earnings and not net, that means $200k for our programmer.

    Let's say it's NOT a huge hit and sells only 200,000 copies. That's $400k gross, giving the programmer $40k. None of that is bad for a job that took a few weeks tops and some maintenance duty. Add on top of that the potential for some funds derived from a IndieGoGo campaign, and this is not a sad offer.

    As for your post script, ideas are everything. Execution is everything only to those who can execute. Ideas, however, are the world if the person who has one can bring people together to make it happen. Besides, you must have an idea in order to bring it to life. Execution is nothing without a seed of inspiration.

    Thanks for the luck. No matter what, I'm sure I'll need it -TC

  • I would love working with you, but I would like to have a lifetime %...

    As well as a clear written email once amount is decided so we are both protected from project creep and price change...

    Anything else we need to discuss before moving forward? We should also move to private messages...

    Looking forward to working with you!

    Justin \~Ant

    Antares, I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. It appears that we cannot PM each other as we do not yet have the requisite 500 points earned to unlock that feature. It makes sense. Nobody likes spam. I wonder is spammers get mad when they get spam?

    Anyway, head over to . I have contact details there. If you aren't aware of, it's like a business card online, but for creative people (since business cards aren't very creative) and it's been around for 4-5 years. It's legit, but check it out if it makes you feel more comfortable.

    As for what I'll need to enter into an arrangement, I'd like to see some verifiable samples, have a quick video chat over Skype, and work out the details. I can tell you up front that it will be difficult for me to hand over 10% over the lifetime of the app. Yes, you could make a very large amount of money, but if everything works out, I'd rather offer you alternative methods for making your name. We'll discuss it.

    Thanks! -TC

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