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    I have a number of interactions which are mostly drag/drops with feedback, and some are drags/drops that have some simple mathematical formulas. These are developed in another (older) language and need to be ported to HTML5. They are for a training course (most are related to food safety), not a game, and their purpose is not entertainment but to allow the user to apply the concepts just learned - for instance by heating a food dish to the safe temperature and cooking it for 15 seconds before serving it. So in that instance the user would need to drag a chicken to the oven, adjust the oven to the correct cooking temperature, then cook the chicken for at least 15 seconds once it has reached the safe cooking temperature, etc.

    I'm playing with the C2 demo and really like it but not sure if its worth my time to learn it to do these interactions, although I may do the simpler ones myself. The interactions need to run in HTML5 at 800 X 600 screen size but that should be able to scale up or down.

    I'm attaching a zipfile which contains several Jing SWF's which should convey what the interactions do. Right now I'm just looking for some ideas on what if would cost to reproduce these with C2 (or similar) in HTML5. I'd prefer to work with someone registered on oDesk who has substantial experience with C2 (or similar) doing interactivity at this level or higher. I haven't purchased C2 yet and don't have enough points to post my email I don't think, so hopefully you can PM me.



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  • I can do these interaction, the demos looks pretty simple, do you have a full product characterization?

    You can also contact me at

  • Hi Ron, i sent you a PM.

    This project will be right up my alley as i just completed a contract with a well known educational firm to create similar math based interactions and modules for their platform, all in C2. I have provided more details and samples in my message.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

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