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  • I have created a working single level demo of a game but have found I am really better at the creative process than implementation.

    I am looking for a programmer that is willing to work in a partnership. I will give you the plan for my game, and if you agree, we will work out an agreement to where there is a split of game profits. So are foregoing pay on the front end, for a chance of a lot more pay on the back end.

    If interested in any capacity, let me know, but I plan on handling the business and development process, and you only handle programming, and maybe very simple 2d graphics depending on your comfort level with graphics.

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  • if you can handle the art and graphics side of things, I would love to work with you on this project.

    I can work on many frameworks/engines outside of C2.

    please contact me at

  • Hi,

    I can assist you.

    You can reach me on






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