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  • Alright, let's start this. I'm going good in my effort and found my comfort area and need a bit of help, namely, art.

    I am making a story kind of app, and need pictures to accompany each story.

    The base theme is farm animals (rats, rooster, and cow). I need someone to make me a drawing with the animal represented.

    At this point, I have three stories, I have some placeholder imagery, but, coming from different sources, the style does no match, of course.

    So, here's what I need:

    First story, a cow, second a pair of rats, one saving the other who has his tail trapped in a rat trap, and third, a rooster, singing proudly. Style: cartooninsh.

    I would like to know how much you'd take for each drawing, or how much for a bulk of drawings (I'd need quite a few, actually). Of course money is a factor.

    I'd also like to see some of your art, of course, or even a sample to any (or all) the situations I provided.

    Dimensions for each drawing: 960x400 or any power of it, no less than 480x200.

    Feel free to PM or reply here, no problem.


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  • I ask Tom to move this to "Help Wanted", please.

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