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  • Hi, I'm anxious to find someone to help me try and finish this tech demo I have planned. It's pretty much a -perfect- replica of the Space Harrier 3D floor: You can move the camera in any direction and the floor and background react accordingly just like in the game. It's quite a convincing 3D effect, and I want to finish it. It can also maintain high framerates because of how it's implemented.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    The problem is, I've reached what I think is possibly the most difficult part of it all, and that is the objects that scale themselves based on distance. I really just can't figure this out, I tried looking at a pseudo 3D tutorial and the capx was amazing, but for the life of me I just can't figure out how it was done.

    So I really would appreciate an advanced construct 2 guy to figure it out to email me, and I'll send you the capx. I don't want to make it public because I don't want people stealing my work, as this floor took me days to figure out. Thanks!

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  • lennaert was working on the same or at least similar thing, he might be able to point you in the right direction.

  • Hi, I wouldnt mind taking a look at the file for you.

    Here is what I made: virtual attempt

    (aswd t move, z to shoot fire x to electrify)

    my approach involved having sort of a top view map with objects positions.

    Then by simple means of comparing distance, determine size.

    Like, the closer you got, the bigger the image. Also, the closer they get, the further down the Y axis they go, faking close distance.

    In my example I added 2 3d models in sprites which have angular view point. (Just walk around, there should be a dragon with flapping wings and spiders crawling about)

  • Thanks for the demo! I tried it but I couldn't seem to move forward or backwards with W and S, only left and right with A and D. But it is somewhat what I'm trying to achieve.

    The actual scaling of the objects doesn't seem too hard, but I think what is the most complicated is determining the speed of the object and angle in which it moves based on its position/distance.

  • Ohw sorry, I added side stepping recently,, totally forgot.

    its a combination of arrow keys and a,d for side stepping.

    I added side stepping to see the potential of the 3d images.

    As for speed, with the top down view, the speed of your movement is what determines their speed of approach.

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