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  • Hello, I am looking to have a leaderboard for our company which would need the following

    requirements :


    format should fit a size of 1024x650


    Don't need to look good, just fully functional


    Data will be picked from CSV files that are on our own server.

    of course I can provide a sample csv.

    e.g. of CSV





    1. Sortable by Alphabetical for the name

    2. Sortable by score (highest first, and lower first)


    Now, What I meant by "advanced" is we need the ability to have a radio button next to each row so the user

    can build his own "watchlist". Meaning he could follow the progress of those I wish to compete against.

    *Maybe isolate them in a parallel leaderboard could be an option. (TAB/Button 'my watchlist')


    We have 1200 users and they all use either mobile phones and/or tablets so the navigation should be some sort of up and down swipe


    When the user comeback the "system" should remember the previously selected parameters as a csv as well.


    *note that We use PHP on our server. (flatfile DB)

    Please let me know your interest and rate in a PM


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