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  • We are developing an edutainment application with a March 2017 deployment deadline. The basic operating process has been constructed via a demo application. The preferred candidate(s) will have expert/proficient knowledge in: server-side/multi-player/dynamic database/security development and operations. We'd also prefer (but not require) an individual residing within the U.S. midwest (circa Northeast Ohio).

    The purpose and mission of the project is to exponentially increase the quantity and quality of academic development within students who are overwhelmingly distracted by electronic entertainment and/or subject to environments which are not conducive to quality learning experiences.

    Compensation to be negotiated. This is a start-up venture and though we are approaching (soft and seed) funders starting in mid-January, this project will move forward with resolve and without delay. We are not seeking mercenaries, but individual(s) who are committed to the duration and purpose of the project.

    Notwithstanding that we have a patent-pending algorithm integrated into this application, ALL interested parties will be required to sign a non-competition, non-disclosure agreement.

    If you remain interested in discussing this further, please send your qualifications and interest in participating in this project to .

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