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  • Hi my name is Christian, I am looking for a programmer to code my game designs for me. I have sold a few non exclusive licences of our first html5 game with my actual programming partner, in the meantime I would like to create new games with other programmer partners, we can reach an agreement in case you want to receive a percentage of the profit, or if you want a fixed amount of money per days of work, or per game programmed.

    I am looking for a programmer with more than 2 years of experience in programming in object oriented languages, and with knowledge of javascript.

    I am a game designer, programmer and artist, with many years of experience, also making flash games too which where also sold to sponsors, you can check some of my work at

    If interested and want to discuss details, please send me an e-mail to cibarra223 at gmail dot com

  • are you interested to sell the game itself or also the sources?

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  • I want to keep selling licences. But it depends on the agreement we reach with the client.

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