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  • Hello everyone. We are working on an Android game in which we can play two players using one device. His name is "Chester Party" and will offer five mini-games that we play with our friends, family or ourselves. It is no novelty, since there are many games for Android using this mode of play.

    The game will be presented in late November. We are looking for people who want to participate in the project.

    We need people to record a video playing individually or with a friend in multiplayer, and we send that video to our email address "marshalldesigns.contact@gmail.com".

    We look for funny videos, which will be used in the ad promoting the game. Participants will be included in the credits of game development.

    Participants must record the video while playing the demo from an Android tablet or smartphone.

    In the following link you can find a demo version of the game, we have published for participants to perform the video: DEOMO IS CLOSED

    The DEMO version contains errors. It needs to be displayed in the mode of orientation "Landscape" to play properly.

    We greatly appreciate your cooperation, we hope you like the idea.

    Thanks for your attention. A greeting!

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